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How to Get First Ranking On Google without Back link

How to Get First Ranking On Google without Back link
How to make an article to get the first ranking on Google without back link? The general problem to the people whose wrestle the blogging world is how to get main position of the search engine even without back link.
The function of back link, of course, is to help articles to placed at the main position of the search engine but did you know that the search engine is also will be more sensitive to choose links that providing good contents especially in choosing keywords.
For this time, this tutorial is a tutorial I fell will be more helpful to you especially for the beginner that still building your website but want to get the first rank on Google. But remember, back link is still remains an important role in building a blog or website, and don’t ever leaves the optimize of hunting back link, this tutorial is just an example about how to make an article can be placed at the
first part of search engine without back link.

Easy Steps to Get The First Ranking On Google Without Backlink

As we know, back link is an important factor to get first rank on page one on Google, but there are possibility to get ranks on Google results without back link or some back links. All the things you have to do is following some steps I share below and make sure that you are not skip any steps in this tutorial. Most of you may feel that is hard to do but it’s not possible that you can do it if you want to do it, I mean read carefully what I share.

# Use weak keywords

It’s up to your point of view, you like or not to choose weak keywords, we are in the business world has so many competitors out there, Bro! Just imagine when the weapons you have are just an airgun and you want compete with deadly big guns, I can guarantee that your equipment will face a hard way to win the competition and it means it will be hard to you to compete with big websites with the same niche with your blog or website.
You should know how to reset keyword truly and use it then choose a keyword that having less search volume that will leads you the traffic source to your website or your blog, the weak keyword that having less of search results will be ignored by big sites so therefore we can exploit this one thing.

#  make interesting content with adjusted keyword

Understanding how to make an interesting and SEO blog article’s because an interesting content is a strong factor to get traffic on your blog. You are listed by the search results or not, you can still get traffic causing your interesting content, informative and precious. Choose the right and adjusted keyword and make a precious article and have a certain quality.
Most of bloggers didn’t know how to use the targeted keyword when they writing an article. Put the keyword to the SEO position when you already have keyword to put, you can get a keyword with low search to leads traffic to your blog with less competition.
Where to put the good keyword?
-Place the targeted keyword right on the title
-Put keyword in the first paragraph of the article
-Put keyword in the sub-title
-Write down the keyword in picture Alt tag’s.

# Do “Ping” every time you done an article

Every time you published a new article, you should tell the bot machine that you have just updated your blog with a new content, therefore, it will help the search engine robot to crawl your article link’s. there are so many sites that provide ping, you can try to find it on Google.
Don’t do pinging the same URL again and again, that will make you recognized as spam. Just do pinging your URL once after publish an article and fill it with some simple words.

The main purpose is to upgrade the possibility of your site to be indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and etc.
When the good time to do Ping?
-When there is a new keyword made to be indexed by search engine
-When you have back link from popular sites
-When you have updated new content on your website.

# Use long keyword

The number of searches of short keyword come from the accumulation of longer keyword that contain the short keyword. Please note that “keyword” keyword have number of search results from accumulation of keyword in abstract, keyword in paragraph, and etc.
On Google search engine, if you type a keyword it will show you some added words at the beginning or the end of the keyword you type. It means, there was someone already type that sentence before you did it. By using long keyword will give you a better chance to get high ranks even without back link. The longer the keyword, the higher your chance to get better ranks.

# Be the first person to create story

If your articles discuss about tricks, tutorials, or others, make it possible to be the first person who publish article narrated by your own way firstly. There are so many competitors and they always up to date so you better determine the time when your article will published with telling to search engine that you are the first person who was published this article. How? As I mentioned before, make a long article with longer keyword.
Therefore, your article potentially to be be placed to the main position of search engine because the search engine already known you have the copyright to be there.


I already use this way (and this trick) to some of my blogs and proven some of my articles can be placed on page one even without back link.

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