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Get more visitor by using viral content , unique seo technique

What was the content viral? Viral content is the content that attracts many people. Could be because the content is impressive, useful or personal influence to the reader. In other words, if you create a content, and then spread widely and quickly it is said viral content.
But there's so much content out there who feel the benefits but do not receive enough attention spacious. Why? Because it does not do promotions. The content can go viral if promoted properly. Even many who remain inconsequential content to go viral as well promoted.
So the campaign is the most important factor to create content to go viral. By creating viral content on the blog, will automatically bring in more visitors and ultimately earning a blog increases.
This time I will share how or techniques to create viral content on the blog:
Get more visitor by using viral content , unique seo

Get more visitors using content that attracts attention

I will share how or techniques to create viral content on blogs, techniques to capture the visitor through a technique invite the reader's attention

1. Create unique title that entices

If you feel less able to write content that is considered to be vital, then simply create a content title that is as attractive as possible. Since the title is the first thing that someone see if you want to visit our blog. So by creating a unique title we indirectly encourage your visitors to go to our blog.

Never do not you see a headline content did not match the contents of the content? It is often we see in social media because the user actually sosmed afraid to click a link that is not unusual, but if the title of the content is so appealing it is possible that users will still go to our blog. You could say this is one surefire technique that is often used internet marketers.

Examples of unique content that entices titles are:
"Surefire techniques create a sophisticated website in 3 hours" sounds interesting does not it? Though it can be just the contents of the article is just the basic tips and tricks in making a website.

2. Make the title containing the word opposite

You mean the opposite word here is the word that is contrary to the purpose of the article. It is more to do with the person's subconscious. Ever seen the writing on the roadside "Do not put garbage here!" But people still throw garbage there. Our subconscious often obscure interpretation "no" to "yes".

Examples of titles that can we make with the opposite word, namely:
"10 tips to get rich quick that should not be imitated"
"Secret trick in getting numbers of any girl. Do not clicked "
"5 things that will make you successful although not old, even though"

For example the first title, the words "should not be imitated" is definitely going to make potential visitors were very interested and are guaranteed to be clicking on the title.

For example the title of the second, on the Internet there are many "do not clicked" widespread. Are we going according to not click on these titles? Certainly not! When in fact all the articles are made aiming to attract visitors. So the more clicks the more profit.

For example the second title, "5 things that will make you successful although not old, even though" actually means "five things that will make you successful at a young age" but we make a title with the opposite word in it sehinggan make it more distinctive and attractive.

3. Use a variety of signs (quotation marks, brackets, added etc.) on the title

Using a certain mark in the title is one thing that can be done to create and promote content. Markings on the title will more easily attract attention and also regarded as complementary.

So using certain marks only the title, we could get a further description of the articles that we make. Great web sites often use this trick and if shared on social media will become viral in a fast time.

Examples of titles that we can make use of certain marks, namely:
"Find out your English language skills (free ebook)"
"Manage finances wisely and correctly (completely peeled)"
"Tips PDKT" best "can you imitate"

By making the title above a certain mark becomes more attention. Additionally readers get further details. For example:

The article with the title "find out your English language skills (free ebook)" will be equipped with an ebook that can be downloaded for free.

The article with the title "manage finances wisely and correctly (completely peeled)" will contain articles whose contents long since peeled completely

The article with the title "tips PDKT" best "can you imitate" will contain tips PDKT the best. So readers could think in that article contains the opinions of experts in particular.

4. Use an interesting picture

Image is vital if you want to create content to go viral. One could even say if you share content in social media, then the first thing a visitor sees is the new title picture later. So the title of the content or images should be synergy. Useless you create compelling titles if the pictures seem incoherent. By presenting a unique image, funny, weird, cool, etc. will make visitors click on your content and has the potential to go viral.

You should consider, make sure the image quality remains excellent with a small size. You can use an application that compresses while maintaining image quality. The image size is important to ensure loading to our blog still feels light.

5. Use an attractive opening paragraph

Many bloggers who made the initial paragraphs are too long and wordy. This will certainly make the visitors uncomfortable. Because if the first paragraph has been rambling then of course it would be interesting to the reader.

Make it a standard amount of a sentence to a paragraph early in the articles on your blog. The most important thing is how to make the initial paragraphs become attractive. Because the truth is not necessarily the visitor to read sentence by sentence in the blog.

6. Establish content with the emotional approach

Content is most vulnerable become viral content that is able to evoke the reader emosial side, in the sense that the reader can feel happy, compassionate, curious, disappointed, angry, and so on. This is because, if the reader feels influenced by the content that we make it as they will not hesitate to share the content. If this continues then the automatic continuously made the contest will become viral.

Examples of content that we can make in order to generate the emotional side of the reader is content with surprising facts, content with daily habits that turned out to be harmful, offensive content specific groups, content raises compassion, and so forth.

Such content can you make with a particular fact misinterpreted or even your own bouquet. Although not actually correct to do, but guaranteed content with the emotional approach to viral easily.
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