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How To Fix a Few Visitor

How To Fix a Few Visitor
Many blogger chose to stop blogging than thinking to continue their blogging activity because they only got 5 blog vistors, or even 10 visitors, and maxium 20 visitors for a day, of course that is not enough. Let’s see the reason. By following the guidelines that I will give to you in this article, maybe you will remember, one of the mistakes can make your blog visitor not adequately.  We will do research together and try to find the solution and I hope this article can help you to find the best solution how to get more visitor every day, or maybe you can learn a lot of blog development technique from beginner to be a profesional blogger.

It is unfortunate if a website has old age, but the website traffict was not in accordance with our hope or below average. You will think for a while, what is better to have maximum result, how to make your less visitor to be more visitor. Maybe you have done all Optimation SEO Technique, from the offpage until the onpage, but it doesn’t work. Remember, all depends to how much your ability and intelligence to optimizing SEO things. Does your technics are right or not, and the best answer is ”try to correct it”.

No doubt that the number of vistor is everyone’s hope. Some articles I have written had discussed the things that need a long time to get the best result, everything need efforts and endeavors to have the maximum result. How much your effort will be rated from how hard you did it. Things of process and development from zero contain must be arranged. After that will be measured, that our effort are right or not yet. This article will review any blogging developments that you should applied in your website or blog to gain a lot of visitor.


In this article I will try to tell you, there is three things that you should know, and you should do it to get the best result with the high quality in blogging world. Everything will parse one by one, and I hope I can help you to gain more visitor.

Unique and Interesting Content

You should understand how to make a unique and interesting content, because content is like a weapon. A big weapon definitely beat out the small weapon. The definition of unique content is a content that different from any content. Not a content with silly, witty, or joke, so don’t misunderstood the definition of of unique content. And an interesting content is when an article can be a problem solver for someone. If a reader reading an article from top to bottom, then certainly that the article is interesting. That’s all our weapon. How to make it and tell everyone that we have their problem solver? Sure we should tell to search engine first, then the search engine will serve it to everyone.
Reference: How to Write a Unique and Interesting Article
Noted: The definition of unique content is a content that different from any content.
Noted: The definition of Interesting content is when an article can be a problem sover for someone.
Remember, content is a weapon. More powerful weapon, more chance to win. If your content is the best, of course your content will be in first place in search engine machine.

Understand The SEO

If an article or content is a weapon, so SEO is the bullet. There is a lot types of bullet, from the blunt one until the sharpy one. From the big one until the tiny one, but have a powerful functions in the completeness of a weapon. The two things is related and also complete each other. What happen if a weapon without bullet in the war? Also the SEO. A website full of content without optimation SEO will not have maximum result. Please read Optimation SEO Onpage.

After that optimize the SEO provide by search engine. Why we not use the facility while is the best engine. By registering our website or blog to many search engine, of course we can have bigger chance to gain visitor. The search engine is not only google. There is a lot of search engine that we can use to registering aour website or blog. Guide To Registering Blog to Google, Bing, and Yandex Search Engine
Further optimation backlink hunting. Many SEO master recommend to hunting government and education backlink from a website with high page. I assert that every great should have tiny way. As well as a website or blog with high page rank, through numerous ups and downs of the past until they can be formed. After that, they will don’t care about us, and ignore us to have link. So, why don’t we invest early before they ignore it? Its alright to do blogwaking to new websites. Maybe they are more diligent than us, so when they have been success, we will get the result, that is the backlink.

A few tips about good commenting. Many bloggers that only reading but not to give their time to leave a comment for awhile. Some people stop to leave a comment because there is no form to write (name/url). They think if commenting with G-Plus profile is not a backlink. It’s a wrong definition problem. Backlink in the earlier times is different than now. The new Google algorithm will automatically make a anchor back link if the text is relevan with our blog snip on the blog that we’ve been comment. For example you can write my article link to google search engine
( http://www.omblogging.com/2016/11/Google-bing-yandex-webmaster-tools.html ) and you will have the result in the pictures.

Things happen because the two of  blog owner have been leave a comment here. They use G-Plus profile while leave a comment in my blog. So, the backlink appear not because they pin a link in the comment, but cause they use G-Plus profile in other article. But backlink process happen because the two blogs has some articles which has anchor or relevan description with my blog, which is google SEO, and etc.

Have Tools Blogger Online

What is tools blogger online? the tools is very supportive for completeness a website from improvement to the data structure tools for make a SEO article. I have written and article about Widget Blog That The Blogger Should Aplly on Their Blog.

An profesional blogger know what should they do while build a website or blog. They know what should they do first before write an article. They are not only write and publish, first they do an important thing then publish the article. Let us know what it is.


Someone must know how much the score from tag headline or keyword, and description from meta tag which is pinned on template. Template maker SEO friendly managing tag headir for more SEO. You can check your template with visiting this link www.chkme.com.  A  good score is upper 85%.


The fungtion is to know how good light and quality of our blog. In gmetrix also will show us what needs to be optimize so our template can be lighter. You can visit www.gtmetrix.com. a good result upper 72% for speed score and 65% for slow score.
#Structure Data Template
This is one of blogger tools which is very important for me because the tools will tell us which one structure data that needs to fix. The fungtion for our website identity link easier to known by search engine. If no error in the notification that’s mean good and if an error in the notification mean you should fix it.

#Google Trends

Do you want more visitor? Knowing first what the public talking about and the most looking at search engine. Google has provide google trend facility to know what people most talking according with the time. You can know from hour until recent years in most talked category. You can visit https://www.google.com/trends/explore 

#Keyword Research

It will be good if you can collaborate google trends with other keyword research which is google planner keyword. How is to see what the longer trend then the keyword in the research. Look the low-level competition and then use those keyword,  so I can assure your visitors will increase to 180 degrees.
I very recommend you to use the five of online tools to complete you blog. The rest back on first is intention and patient, and also the modification. Change all te way which is not good, then go side by side with good intention and be patient to waiting time passing, so your dream will come true. So there is article how to gain your visitor. I hope this article can help you. you can read more tutorial article in this blog that you not yet know.

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