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How to make an interesting SEO of Blog article

How to make an interesting SEO of Blog article
How to make an interesting SEO of Blog article
Basic technique to build a blog has been reviewed on my previous articles. I also reviewed about how to make a unique article. So now, I want to share how to make an interesting article also SEO as new definition or changed theory, or maybe improvement of recent articles.

Make a unique blog article is very constituted by the title. Here I want to tell you, that imposible to people to know the content of the article is interesting or not and Fix a Few Visitor. The visitor will see by the title first then they will see the content which is interesting content.

How to make an interesting SEO article?

A good and unique article is an article who got the first place. If an article you have seen is in the first place (page one), its mean the SEO article is completely good. If you seen the title also interesting, that’s mean the article is an article with good SEO structure.

That’s why every blogger want these. Many people also can made an good article. Usually that’s because the blogger less understand how to determine quality of content.

Content is a king. We know it, but content will not become a king if there is no SEO inside the article. One of content characteristic with high qulity is a content which has at least 1500 words. Why? Because content with a lots of words will have all information for searching engine.
thats the reason why I want to share you about how to make an article with SEO.

Create a unique article by the title

Before read the content, a visitor will type the tittle in search engine, then it will looking by search engine machine. Here, we can get over the visitor and the searc engine, of course with legal tricks. Here to make a good blogpost title:

1.Creat the long tittle. 
You can create 5-6 words. Why? Because a long tittle with a lot of words can covering the short keyword or maybe have a complete power of keyword. Example: How To Creat A blog. We can add some words so the title will look interesting. Example: two watsto create a blog on the blogspot.

2.Add some serious words 
with exclamation marks and question mark, or maybe comma and numbers. Some artcle will invite people to read if the article has optimistic title. Example: How to make blog. So, if we ass serious words, it will be: “WOW! Create a Blog is Easy!”. If we do this, I sure people who read the title will click it cause this is an interesting title.

3.Creat a long article 
then fill the paragraph with relevan keywords. Example if your article title is “how to create a blog”, you can do experiment to add some synonym or relatable words with you title. For example, in first paragraph you use “this is how to create a blog” so in middle paragraph, you can do experiment like creating a new blog is easy.
The three definition in this article can be your reference to create an interesting article. If you can focus to do an experiment, so you will get a lot of ideas later.

Create an interesting article with high quality SEO

Then, to complete the interesting content is set SEO technique. The SEO technique that I mean is:

1.Give a heading
Give a heading h2 for sub title of article, then give h1 to the main article. Also complete it tag sub heading with h3 in every minor heading, and complete h4 for the conclution or closing. For reference, you can read this article.

2.Give an internal link 
to other post that have a similar content with the new post.

3. External link
Whatever the explanation of your article, you should add one or two external link which will appear to the website you’ve been told. If you tell about google, you should direct link to anchor text google: www.google.com

4.Bold and italic 
should be less. If you have too much bold and italic, it will seen as junk. Too dirty, so people can’t understand which one they shoud read. So, if there is a keyword, let it be. Don’t bold or italic the. In 2015-2016 google has been use more accurate searching system. So, every word and sentence, will be showing by blog title description.

5.Shorten title url
For example, if the title is How to make an interesting SEO article, you can use the important words for url. Example: create-aticle-seo-interesting. You also can see on this content url.

6.Use picture every article you created
If you use a picture, make sure size of the picture is not big. Don’t use pictures with high scale, except if you should do that.

7. Tolls for blogger
Reading here how to created tools for bloggers and should be use Tools blogger
That’s all for you to know how to create a good article with SEO. I hope it will useful for you.

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