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Simple And easy steps to increase viewer or page views for new article on website

How to increase page views visitor on article dependent by how much visitor who come on a blog or website. More visitor coming of course more page visitor you will have. But you should remember that article viewer is different with website or blog viewer. If you have a lot of viewer doesn’t mean you have a lot of visitor. If someone come to your blog to read only a article you will have only one page view a.k.a one visitor for one page view. But if they open 3-4 articles after that you will have more page view. For reference please read how to fix less visitor.

To increase number of page view very need for monetizing blog because for chance to have a click will be greater, especially for adsense publisher. But to have page view of viewer dependent with how you can get visitor attention who will come to your blog. Like I said in previous article, that with have a lot of article on your blog, the chance to have a big traffic will be more and more. As a lot as

visitor, a big traffic will bring us more money as blogger.
But for new article of course not easy to get people attention. We need to index the article first, after that people will find the article easily on search engine. Indexed article not necessarily have a lot of visitor, especially if the article can’t showing well in search engine. So you should really understand

about How To Have First Place on Google.
To get more viewer is good for monetized blog because not only to have a good earning chance but will affect ux factor is that user experience. So, if visitor linger on your blog of course it will give a signal to search engine that your blog actually good and you will get the main position in search engine.
Simple And easy steps to increase viewer or page views for new article on website


I will tell you that for more increasing viewer or page view of new published article on your blog or website. There is my tips for you:

1.Create an Interesting Title

To create an interesting article will impact to have visitor more maximum. When someone read your interesting title of on article, it will be more to have a click. So, an article with interesting title, can make the visitor to click another page on your blog. For how to make an interesting article, you can read How To Make SEO and Interesting Article first, then you can read guidelines for Tips To Make SEO Article.

2.Use Internal Link Article by Article

Now is how to apply internal link article by article. Not only for gain the page view but also will impact to SEO. And make a relevant internal link will make one of Basic Factor of Ignored Google Adsense To Know because there is internal link can be a navigation for visitor. Its very important and suggested to apply on your blog or website.

3.Install Widget Popular Post

Widget popular post mostly knowing for wrong reason that is only for blog decoration, where visitor can be interested to read an article on our blog. They will caught to following some popular post, so better you set or install it on your blog.

4.Activating Widget Media Social Share Under Your Post

One of support to have a lot of page view is activating social media feature under your posts. After someone read an article, maybe they will share the article to social media. So, we have more change to have another visitor by activating widget share social media button.

5.Activating G+ Automatically on Blogger Setting

Activating automatic share to G+ also very recommend. Not only can help an article to index but also will have the visitor more faster, so the new article can be have more reader. Insert a unique and interesting word while you share your article to G+.

6.Update Your Article

And the last for this article is how can we have a lot of viewer but we have no more page to view? So better to update an article everyday. Don’t skip to post an innovative article for one only day.
More page view is very important
Actually there is a lot of another tricks to have more page view. In this section I just did it then share my experience to you. I hope you also can have more page view everyday.
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