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Factors And Causes Slow loading Website

There was a time when a website will take ten or even twenty seconds to load a page. People will get a static page that appears first slowly and then bring up the top of the page and then memuncukan fill completely, and sometimes there are some design elements that are not compatible and does not work well. How to use a lot of widgets are outdated. Current methods, if your website can not load a page in less than three seconds, then your website will lose traffic. This in turn would interrupt and be frustrating when your blog or website experience perkubangan alone. even without any reduction in visitor traffic at all.

Most people will wait for loading a website is a load range of four seconds. After that, if they get their quota loading spending will simply close the tab or browser instead chose to wait until the loading is completed.

They will begin to visit other sites to complete and begin their search. and this will be very bad for us. what happens if you have page-one article, but the reader does not exist? This is because the loading of your page ....
Factors And Causes Slow loading Website

There are many elements that affect the speed of a website and you should check that all the elements element so that you can be absolutely sure that you've got your website loading causes slow down.

1) The weight or size of Your Website Is An Important Factor

The time required for the exchange of data between the user's computer and the server that hosts your Web site will depend on how much data needs to be downloaded to the user's computer.

A website that takes up bandwidth range of 1MB that means it will take so much so that the loading process would be slowed down. There are sites that require less than 1MB to load a page, and this includes both. would be better if the data can be loaded only 400kb range.

If you can change the front pages loaded very quickly that means you also count overall page quickly however, when you create an article you also should consider other elements such as images and video because it is also influential.

The larger the data is loaded on your website, the more delayed loading optimization .To try using PageSpeed ​​Insights from Google, Drupal: Speedy and more or instrument plug-in on your browser's tool to test the speed of your website.

2) Bandwidth Host Server Also Determining

How much traffic do you get when dealing with the particular point in time? If you can handle a thousand hit then your website will slow down if there are more than two thousand unique visitors came at the same time.

Many webhosts claim that they can provide unlimited bandw → idth but it sometimes does not happen. If your server can not restrain or regulate traffic, then your website will slow. try to actually choosing a good hosting.

3) Features On Your Website Will Be Playing Crucial Role.

Get rid of unnecessary features, try to use only essential purposes such as the completeness of standard content. widget is something that clearly can also slow down your website. if you cut back on features that are not so necessary then you will realize that as long as not using these features your website feels light.
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