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Secret To Have More Blog Visitor

Did you know, to have more blog visitor we actually has a secret? On this article I will try to explain all important things that maybe you don’t know about more faster technique to increase blog visitor by omblogging!
There is no way to hide to sharing SEO. Everyone can be do it with their ways with by what they have known and learnt especially to increase number of blog visitor.
But to understand SEO should more deeper so don’t do wrong technique. If we do it with wrong way of course our blog or website will potential to not get more numbers of blog visitor that we want.
And also to know how to increase main target of blog traffic is how we give a good service to visitor so they will come to our page again with serving an informative content.
Don’t asking about how much visitor of this blog a day. This blog is a newborn, and the visitor only 200 visitor a day. But look, when you read this article are you not my visitor? How can you came here and how can you read this article, is one of my technique. whatever I did so you came to this blog, as the way is not wrong, I thing that’s a secret about how to increase blog traffic to have more visitor.
Try to remember, do you read this article because this article has been shared on social media? If you came by social media like facebook that’s mean someone has been shared this article. They also shared the article because they believe with what they looking is not a secret, and all new blogger should know it.
And if you came by search engine, that’s mean this SEO article match with the keywords, so you can learn from this case to get more visitor and increase your traffic blog.
After this I will share tips and tricks to get more visitor with a right and faster way. But before I do it, I permission to explaining paragraph by paragraph so you can understand about SEO secret that you should know.
Make sure you not only read but also note it what I tell you in every paragraph on this article. If you have observant eyes, you will get the answer, but if you looking to down paragraph, I apologize because the tutorial has been explain from begin of this article.
More about SEO, about how to have a right technique to increase hundred or thousands visitor can’t hide possibility that you can have thousands of visitor a day is:

1.knowing tips to create a domain or sub domain appropriate with niche blog.
2.have a lot of high quality backlink. If not you can use SEO technique on page. We will explain it later.
3.create an innovative content with high quality
4.know how to reset a keyword also can use it so will not trapped with wrong SEO
5.ready to read this article until the end.

Tell Me How To Have More Blog Visitor Faster

There is five of rules that you should know and have to know before you know how to increase the traffic, so you can have a blog with high quality.
Secret To Have More Blog Visitor

1.Create a domain or sub domain name by your niche blog

Many SEO master said that if you create an url blog by your niche blog, your blog might potential to have better SEO accurate on search engine. Some SEO master was recommended some things to create domain name who will represent identity of your blog if:
  1. Shorten
  2. Easy to remember
  3. Ease to shout
  4. Easy to spell
  5. Not have any brands or copyright
  6. Not similar with another domain
Will not profitable if you create a domain different with the niche blog. For example, if you create a domain that have a bit of brands or copy right, or you combine brands of any big companies maybe like omandroid.com, blogbahasandroid.com, iniandroidmu.com and others. Why? Try to think when someone type android keyword to web search, it will be dominant to showed by the real android company.
And it will be more luck if you have a blog niche about android named by domain or sub domain like my tutorial, thismytutorial.com, because “tutorial” words is not brand but explainer.
More example like this blog domain, I insert blogging word because this blog 99% talking about what is blogging and other activity. Blogging is not a brand or company’s name.
Create a domain address shortly. This because people who visited your blog will easy to come again because they will remember your domain address easily.
A blog with long domain will get your eyes hurt and someone will hard to spell the domain, and they will not remember it. Any SEO master said that short and clear URL will easy to find by search engine.
Also don’t plagiarism to create a domain name who has been success. You might tempt by numbers of visitor on the web, but it’s mean you want to create similar domain with their. No, is not right!

2.A blog will be better if have some backlink and know SEO technique on page

Backlink? Yes, will help a page in the main position of search engine. or if an article was not popular can be more to have chance to have better place. What is that? Better you should know first what is backlink.
Backlink is a back link from a website or other blog who attempt to your blog. Backlink is the link who will be source to have a great potition on search engine. And all SEO master recognize that to have a great article on first place of search engine, the article should have a lot of the backlink. But I denied that statement! Because after google panda has been launch, all SEO technique has been changed. Previous SEO different with SEO after google panda launched.
Now, search engine is smarter more than human willing. Now search engine more concerned to the article that taught us on beginner school to row word by word, paragraph by paragraph, so we can create sentence that easy to read.
If previous SEO can fooling search engine robot with placed keyword messily, not that things can’t be use anymore. Google was update how their machine can work better than before.
So I can make sure, to create an article with maximum SEO, you don’t need to do anything. You only need to arrange and placement that suitable of tag heading, and understand how to improve visitor with a unique title and interesting article.
But I never direct you to not in a hurry to have backlink because I personally still looking and searching a backlink. After that I only focus to How to optimize SEO on page I already know.

That’s SEO on page is hard?

No, the answer is no. when you read this article, I have been set SEO on page that I know in this article. In next article I will give an example how to create an article that will explain how to do SEO on page rightly, but not now because if I explain it now it will make this article not relevant with keywords.

3.Create a unique, great, and informative article

Some of what I know How to make an interesting SEO of Blog article. You can try to practice with that. And if what I said is not happened, please give a suggestion and critic so together we can more study about SEO technique.
If you ask about how t create an informative article, the answer is very easy. You look at old newspaper, read a title of the news, and read the description of the news. That is example of an informative article.
But it doesn’t mean the article is unique and interesting. To looking for example of interesting content, you can learn from another blogger who always create a title with Wow, In fact, and This is.
Even if the content is not informative but you interested and click it because you think the article is unique and want to read it, that is SEO tricks. Tricks to have a visitor come to our blog by how we create the title.

4.Do keyword research before create an article

Please look at this point. The search engine especially google, once they index our page, so that’s what their get. There is no more technique to change an article has been indexed to get good position on serp.
For example, if you change the title of an article, it would never can be change, except if you delete the article then create a new article with different title. If you disagree, you can leave a comment to complete my knowledge.
There is to have a knowledge of an article that can invite a lot of reader, first we should know what trending topic people talking about. If our article can be on first page its mean we can get a lot of more visitor.
How to get our article on the main page of search engine? with combine step to looking how to create an article to be unique and interesting then we combine with SEO keyword research. Don’t know yet keyword research?

5.how to get more visitor has been read

I actually write this fifth point to you so you can focus to four important things on the top. With that what I want to share with you is completely sharing by this article.
Actually I have more things to share to complete the four point up there, like how to set SEO image, or how to change an article link, but if I explain all now I have no more idea for what I should share to you tomorrow.

And remember! I am not a SEO master. I get this thing because I learnt by autodidact. I never suggest you to do what I said because what I have said can be wrong and not of what you hope.
I just want to share because an art of blogger is sharing and learning. I will be more happy if you can protest and give me some critics that can build me by leave a comment.

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