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Here The Guide For ways to make Quality Articles

What is a quality article? The article is a quality article with a number of words and sentences that are more detailed or complete, easy to understand and easy to read. In addition, quality SEO friendly article also has valid data as support. How to make a quality article should preferably be able to eliminate the words and sentences that are not necessary. Make a quality article is part of a technique to learn SEO. Avoid making the content of the article with a sentence or Word. Preamble is important origin is not excessive, so that visitors feel more comfortable.

Long articles are generally more qualified although tedious to read, for example, the number of articles with the Word 2000 + has more detail and in-depth discussion such as the E-book. Not everyone is able and willing to create articles with long frame. There are many factors, ranging from the limitations of the idea because the source reference readings are minimal, up to the limitations of time. Well, that's a common problem which we will review.

Please note that the article quality is not necessarily have a lot of word count or have writing and long lines. So do not be mistaken for a long article can be higher quality.

His analogy is; Sensible if visitors come to your website/blog you may take 5-10 minutes just to record one firefighter telephone number? Not right?!

As good as any set of words and phrases in your blog/website, it did not attain any readers. Some visitors thus had a bad experience and made them close the post articles or blog pages that are complicated like that. Read also: the traits of a good article writer and quality.

Google itself more like the article content is rich in words and rich in meaning (long article). Why is this so? Because of the long article has its own advantages in Google SERP. The deciding factor rating of the article in search engines is also determined by the short length of an article, in this case we take for example Googlebot (algorithm-search engine) are already using track record website visitors/blog as determinant and benchmark the quality of an article.

The quality of the article content is determined based on feedback from site visitors. This means a factor of "user experience" is applied in full by the giant search engine company Google. The more satisfied visitors, the site is worth it. In some other search engine product service also implements the exact same algorithm system.
Here The Guide For ways to make Quality Articles

If the article is worth high according to the search engine robot, automatic article will put on his best position in the SERPs. There are several factors that you need to know about how to create a quality article. Some strategies and tips or how to make a quality article I will uninstall into 12 parts.

12 ways to make Quality Articles

  • Keyword research
  • The framework of article
  • Looking for reference
  • Understand the content
  • Relevant
  • Long tail keyword
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Determine the target
  • Vocabulary/sentence
  • Have a paragraph
  • LSI keyword
  • I hide in the article

1. Keyword Research

Research keywords or keyword research arguably quite important if we plan on making articles pretty much already published by others. Does it do us to more easily understand the trend of the user in the search engines.

For example, if you want to make an article about "how to make a quality article", and you don't know if your keywords are the search results have a viewfinder a lot or a little of each month, with keyword research, you get the best opportunity to create content articles that are much sought after in the user/user search engine.

You can also use the free Google Keyword tool Planner/Keyword Planner to find keywords that have high search volume data and low. 2000 + word in one article though will not increase the number of visitors to the site, if you skip steps proper keyword research. This does not apply to the author of the article that has a focus doing promotion to social media.

Example; How to pee myself, how to paint the sky, guide, guide to sway make anu and others, this is an example of a minimal keyword search. By way of keyword research, you can tell the difference or know which keywords are always used others in the search engines.

Later you will be easy to distinguish between a minimal search keywords with keywords that don't even have search volume at all. For beginners who are new to build your website or blog and are interested in making traffic increased two-fold in the search engines, I don't recommend the practice of keyword research.

This is done in order to post your article, but not in the search engines. You need to join in some communities that match the niche of your site, after it collected the questions most frequently asked by other people in there and make the article for them.

2. The framework of articles

Create a skeleton article is an important part, so that the articles are not shifted away from themes/topics of discussion is already determined. This section can be used as a finishing sniper so easily made and the article has relevance on the title or concept articles are already planned in advance.

For example; specify the title of the article and create a skeleton article. For example, the title of the article of your choice is ' how to create a quality article ' then it can be started from the notion of quality articles in search engine > > determinants how to create quality articles and so on. If you are still confused, check out this article continues.

3. Look for references

The reference is part of the formation of the skeleton of the article, the article we have the impossible idea that 100% pure without citation/reference reading. The idea of an article can be formed due to several factors. That is, we read, we feel, we heard and we know.

So the article has sufficient weight, we need to read more information in accordance with the content of our article discussion. Looking for reference as much as possible can provide valid information, updates, and has a good content. It is very profitable, because of the brilliant ideas for the content of the article you'll find.

The article you are currently reading is developed with the development of the framework of the article, consisting of 12 key words. Are you interested in creating articles like this theme too? If Yes, you need not to plagiarize each word or sentence (12 points) on this blog, simply use this article as a reference only.

You can collect keyword ideas from other sites, and then in the arrange into one, after that you develop one by one the article keywords without cheating. Remember take his idea alone, not the order of the sentence/phrase, let alone his text. In order to make the framework better, look for articles referencing reading on other sites as much as possible. You can also find references from reliable books open.

4. Understand the content

Writing that is delicious and easy to understand is the writing that was written by the author of the article who ruled or understand the content of his article. The quality of the article has the content in more detail, it is clear, insightful, and easy to understand. The effects of this kind can only be on application by a person who is already pretty well mastered the topic/theme of the works of his article.

For example, an author of the blog will be much more eloquent explain how ways of being an author an article on the blog, rather than explained by others who lay about that sort of thing. So do not be surprised, if you find a guide how to make a quality article from the author of the article, then the automatic explanation they will more easily in understand.

5. Relevant

Have relevant articles are an important part of some determinants of the quality of an article's content. The relevance of an article is also an important part of determining the ranking of articles in search engines.

If you are writing an article about "how to make a quality article", then you need to make the development of these keywords. Do not let the article you created thus widens out the theme/topic.

6. The Long tail keyword

Long tail keyword in termed LTK. This technique is quite easy because it can be used to attract the attention of prospective readers. The impact is certainly making the traffic increased two-fold than usual. An interesting title is much better than common article titles that often we read earlier.

This part of LTK method development keywords that we put on the title of the article. For example, if you are specifying a title from the results of keyword research and you choose the keyword "how to make a quality article", then you can simply add some syllables in front of or behind the title of the article to ' how to create a quality article for beginners. '

Long tail keyword methods (LTK) like that in addition to creating a more attractive title, will also make your articles search engine friendly. As we already know that search engines provide keyword suggestions for its users.

7. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Doing search engine optimization (SEO) is good and truth is an important factor. How not, if we use the optimization steps On-Page and Off-page SEO is right, then it is likely the article will have a chance at the mark as a quality article on a search engine. Search engine optimization (SEO) by which I mean not just Optimization engine already common thieves.

Misinformation about SEO can cause many article writers misinterpreting SEO really is. SEO is a method that is highly in demand by search engine companies, be it Google, Bing, Yahoo and search engines from reputable companies. Modern SEO is different to a lot of SEO you should know. Modern SEO SEO friendly components have a humanist. This means that the content of the article is not useful or not easy to understand visitor impact on the failed practice of SEO.

The cause of the failure because the writers ignores "human SEO friendly". If you make a quality article, remember SEO is humanist. Once you know this fact, now is the perfect time to make articles that are SEO friendly and quality.

Search engines such as Google, are already using the new algorithm namely algoritmem system UX (user experience) as an important factor determining the ranking of articles in search engines. Simply UX factor associated with SEO friendly human on the pattern of writing articles.

Visitors who visit the website/blog needs to get a good experience and fun in many ways, ranging from the speed of loading web sites, site navigation, the relevance of article content and others including the content of the article good or easy to read.

8. Determine targets and 9. Vocabulary

Determine the target reader and vocabulary articles no less important loh, for we can determine the right vocabulary, spelling words and sentences that are well connected in order to be stronger for the reader. This kind of thing is also still have a relationship with "UX Factor" that is already covered in the paragraph before it.

The point is, make the reader more enjoy the draft articles or posts that we make by adjusting the limitation of reason or their mindset. For example, the target that you have specified is a teen, you need the appropriate article content with their daily lives. Could be a little funny, using language that is light and so on.

An example of a vocabulary section titles that we shot for adolescents, namely, "how to survive the raging teacher at school". Because your target audience is teenagers, it means you need to get into their world. You need to adjust your vocabulary articles you made to make it more striking. This is done so that they are easy to understand.

Use language that is more relaxed, but it has a concise spelling, don't need to be too formal, not even need to think about the standard EYD English if the target reader is the new kid gede. More important is friendly to them. The authors are convinced, they will enter into the world of his and says "I really" nih.

10. have a paragraph

The paragraphs in the article creation is a good composition for the process of building a better article, interesting and of quality, of course. Although this is not mandatory, because on the composition of a website/blog site template of each person can be different. Provide a paragraph on each of the lines in the article can make the reader.

One of them so that readers easily find more quickly the parts in the post article that passed or unread. Usually, on existing textbooks in school do not have paragraphs, although there, it is generally placed in a few lines long. Huuh.. make a sleepy and very boring isn't it?!

Don't equate between conventional book site with website/blog. You need to make a maximum of 10 lines (display the desktop) or less than that on each line of a paragraph in the page posting the article.

11. LSI keyword

LSI keyword I meant to contrast with the institutions Survey Indonesia. Hehe ... LSI is a "Latent Semantic Indexing". The importance of this method in the manufacture of high quality articles in order for the articles we publish adverse impact of excessive keywords. If overload known as keyword density. LSI Keyword part of the development of words or sentences and in divide tubers into sections or sentences that has the Word equation of meaning (synonyms).

Why is important? Because of the way it can deliver the signal in search engine algorithms so that immediately gives best position our article in the SERPs for the wealth of meaning to the content. If you target the keyword "how to make a quality article", this word should not be your birthday is excessive, you can do the repetition of key words in large quantities using the technique of LSI Keyword.

For example into "how to create a good article", and you can also put these keywords in the other paragraphs in the articles with the term "method of application of article content is good and right." The better the LSI Keyword that you apply, the more quality articles you create. The method of LSI Keyword surely given the portions appropriate/fitting readers can still enjoy writing that you publish.


From some surefire way to make a quality article, I hide one important part, which is about "originality of the content of the article". The original article is very important as the determining factor of the quality of an article content we are in the eye of the reader as well on the search engines. Originality of the content of the article (fresh) have 70-80 per cent in modern SEO practices.

You imagine now, if only you do not find the original content of this article, the authors think you will not want to take the time to read this article from the top right down to the bottom. What does it mean? Determinants of quality of an article is determined by the level of originality of a content of the article itself.

Algorithmic search engines like Google give factor ranking articles from the average duration spent by visitors with unique IP. Site visitors always have a strong reason to stay in quite a long time.

Oh yes, the title and the framework of the article as it is actually being made by a lot of bloggers or other authors, perhaps you have long know about it, but a fact, you still want to read until this article.

If, from the middle of the article you find similarities of words, sentences or frame from another site before this, what is your reaction? Yes, you will immediately close this page. That's why the method of re-write and spin the article considered
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