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Personal Brand Building In The Digital Age

Personal Brand Building In The Digital Age
When looking at the title of this article, will definitely appear much question, what the heck would want addressed?
Adopting the term Da'wah strategy in yukallimunnasa a la qodri uqulihim. Talk with others must be in accordance with what he understood. No need to someone to talk each other if no mutual understanding. And the signings will come when there are similarities. Both desire equality or similarity of vision.

This is the digital age, where in this era, borrowing the term Thomas Friedman. The World Is Flat. The public is getting increasingly personal and communal.

Personal, because masayarakat was further able to show drinya in the public due to the influence of technology. They are free to assume and opined in any field without any pressure from anyone. Express themselves in a variety of social media without a sense of uneasy and shy.

The more communal because social networking makes it easy for someone to find the appropriate person with him. Either in common view of life, in common hobbies, or interests in common. It was this similarity that encourage communities to form node-node.

The bloggers present in this era, along with the new flow of digital information. Encourage every individual to work, putting ink on the pages of history writing. This is an opportunity as well as challenges of the future. That surefire makes everyone have the same desire to participate and participate.

The blogger's predecessor, has written a lot of advice in a variety of events and opportunities, that bloggers will be great together with other bloggers. In common the desire that is what encourages the bloggers to move forward together. Corroborate each other, and share ideas in a variety of occasions.

In this case it takes personal awareness, that support a blogger on the other is the main ammunition toward the same goals. The togetherness of the bloggers in the community building is absolutely necessary in every case.

Hundreds of communities will not be meaningful when personally there is a tendency to close itself. Feel free to expression with fellow bloggers. Courage in taking this attitude will determine whether he will be successful or not.

In the simplest language, the bloggers were destined be the same, as a weak tally when myself, and become a force that cannot be terpatahkan when it is United. Move will create its own defense became shaky, while when togetherness is created, there will be the great power that will mutually support each other.

Towards a shared goal that had been in existence a wide variety of community in social networking. We are advised to use it optimally. Not just a complement to the Association. The existence of that community when utilized optimally, will bring a good impact to the bloggers.

The main complaint the bloggers are indeed about the visitors. Because that's what will drive and Egged in work. But due to various things, the issue was fixed constraint.

Then how are addressing ?

The main steps of course with self branding. Do something to make you known. People who knew her would certainly be willing to visit. While those who are not familiar with, kabasaran simply because of need or curiosity. Your relationships with your friends on social media is the biggest asset in the digital age.
If in terms of marketing there are slogans can you smail-can ypu sell, when you smile you will be able to sell. Have you done this? When you write the status of course many who enthusiastically greet him, how when you try to invite them to visit on your blog?
Been to various forums are also great to enhance personal branding. The members of the community will certainly be interested and curious to get to know you when you are always active.

Next is to make new containers in communicating. Gather as many people as possible in a group, could be in 2008. Like the IAPD programs. that just a few years its members have reached tens of thousands. And from there it's been a lot of people who benefit.

The final decision is in your hands, doing the real action was greater than the wait. Get to know as many people as possible, get in kebersaman with them. And create communications that support each other. Nothing is impossible when we want to try.
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