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Write Blog articles On things that are liked and Understood

Write Blog articles On things that are liked and Understood
I just thought, what would happen when there is internet but no bloggers. What will the internet users obtained when memcari something on the internet?
the results obtained by the users by typing keywords in the search engines is the work of the blogger. On the shoulder they traffic news rests. The bloggers all over unite ECE serves a variety of information. Time and the struggle of the bloggers in the work deserves a positive appreciation of the users. So essentially, because them we could, and because they are what we need there and presented in full on the internet.

In 2008, the number of blogger Indonesia only around 500 thousand are active. And increase to 5 million active users by 2013.

And that number will continue to increase in the following years. Despite the decline in 2015 the number of bloggers who drop by up to 3.5 million figure, but an increase in the next year again (between)

For beginners, being a blogger is an option although it is not the goal. In addition to liven up the atmosphere in the virtual world, guiding people who surf, bloggers also have hope for better.
The senior bloggers can even have special influence on his followers.

This is our opportunity in order to join the world recognized. Be influential bloggers and rule the world in the grips.

Then what the heck tricks so we can like them? One of them is consistent work, learn seo, and compete positively with other bloggers.

The primary key of the bloggers is to write things that are liked and understood. So it is able to create quality writing consistently.

Write down the things that are simple and informative IT is better than the write thing is pompous And not understood.

Everyone the various professions and experts write has the same opportunity to become bloggers.
Police, soldiers, teachers, children, doctors, merchants and so on.

Even a blogger could be anyone. He can convey information cross-profession. I've come across a soldier who took the time to write about koi fish. I too have come across a clothes stall in the market of health news renders like a doctor expert.

Yes. .. What niche can be selected as long as the master the material. Do all with enjoy, undoubtedly you will enjoy success in later life.

For the beginner yet it's time to think about the great things being done by the seniors, which competes with SEO backlinks until they could sit on the first serp page one of google.
We're still in the stage of starting and haven't been able to enjoy.

Keep writing on things that are understood, assure yourself that someday we will be able to enjoy. Congratulations, and good luck at work all bloggers
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