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How do I change Themes Whatsapp on Android

How to Change change the Themes WhatsApp WhatsApp-Plus, as we all know is the advanced version of WhatsApp, but here I will add a new definition that WhatsApp WhatsApp alternative that is definitely worth you are trying to use, because the application features on WhatsApp + is much bigger, better than the original WhatsApp.

How do I change Themes Whatsapp on Android

One feature of WhatsApp Plus is the ability to change themes WhatsApp, so you can change themes WhatsApp anytime you want, then how do I change themes WhatsApp? Here's how to change themes WhatsApp using WhatsApp Plus.

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How to change Themes Whatsapp on Android, This is The Tutorials

One of the main reasons why you should upgrade to WhatsApp Plus is because the included theme options. It's like you have an Android phone that has no customization wallpapers and themes of your choice, you will not select it. I've been using WhatsApp Plus since a few months now and is very enjoyed it. With WhatsApp +, I do not have a limit on file size and video WhatsApp Plus and I can chat with WhatsApp contact.

Follow the process set out below to change themes WhatsApp Plus in your phone
  1. Open WhatsApp Plus.
  2. Then tap on the PLUS which will open up the options menu Plus exclusive WhatsApp.
  3. Under the Themes, you'll find the Download options, tap on it. This is because we have to download some themes and it's fairly easy.
  4. It will then load all the themes that exist today.
  5. Scroll to and select what you like by pressing Apply right next to it.
  6. It will then ask for confirmation. Tap Yes.
  7. Last tap Yes, because it will require restarting WhatsApp with new Settings.

So, with that, you've changed themes WhatsApp Plus you.
That's the discussion this time about how do I change themes WhatsApp on Android. May be useful.
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