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How To Live on Instagram In Instagram Stories

Instagram released an update a while ago, and users can be some interesting new features. You were able to broadcast the video in real time! This is a good idea to learn how to live Video in Story Instagram. The Video features live on instagram resembles Facebook Live and Periscope, but with a twist: video live on Instagram will only be seen when the stream takes place. Users can share anytime, anywhere with friends and their followers that will was alerted to listening and watching

Overview of how to live on Instagram meant to alleviate some of the pressure of being on camera. Instead of the shot and screened carefully, this will reveal something a little more, good and real. You can feel free to stream whatever you want, the choice is limited. 
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How To  Live on Instagram In Instagram Stories

So how do I live on instagram? See the simple instructions to get the way live on Instagram via Instagram:

1. Update Your Instagram

If you want to live on Instagram ', make sure Your application has been updated with the Instagram app, go to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store to check out the latest updates.

2. open the App Instagram

When you are ready to start live on Instagram, swiping right in your feed will automatically open the camera functions. In addition to the choice of "normal" and "boomerang", the users with the latest Isntagram update, has been getting and see the button appear on the lower part of the screen Live Video "getting started".

3. Press the button "Start Live Video"

Select the button "Start Live Video", will start the live video of your real-time on Instagram. When you stream, you will be able to see the number of people who see your flow, as well as any comments, questions, or generate love your videos! If you want viewers to be able to see certain comments, you can pin. No need feedback? There is also an option to turn off comments entirely. Share up to one hour, and once that is done, video will be lost forever.

4. promote!

When you start live video on Instagram, you can choose to send a notification to your friends and followers to remind them that you are live on Instagram; the word "Live" will also appear under Your profile photo Stories. If your videos are most popular it would appear in the story "Top Live" listed under the Browse tab.
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