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5 Hidden Instagram Tricks you need to know

For nearly seven years has been strongly developing Instagram from simple photo sharing app to the social network with more than 600 million users. The app itself has changed significantly over time, including one controversial tweaks recently for showing pictures of algorithmic not chronologically.

Whether you're a longtime user Instagram, addict or newcomer Instagram. These tips and tricks will help you get the most out of the application. Here are 5 hidden tricks instagram you need to know:

Hidden Instagram Tricks You Must To Know

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Hidden Instagram Tricks You Must To Know

1) add some photos and video into one post Instagram

If you can't decide which photos to post, you can now upload more than one at a time. Thanks to the latest update Instagram, unlikely to be able to publish up to 10 photos and videos in a single post. When browsing through your mobile phone's photo gallery on Instagram, just press the "select Few" button that appears near the bottom of the photo currently selected to select more than one picture or video.

2) Add More Information To the posts that are on Instagram

You may post pictures on Instagram but forgot to add a certain hashtag to description of your post, or maybe you want to tag your friends in photos already posted. To do this, press the button above your post that looks like three points in a row, select the "Edit" option, and you will be able to change the caption, tag friends on Instagram, and add the location to post it. However, you cannot change the image itself once it is posted.

3) send Disappearing photos and videos

Instagram adds features like Snapchat years ago that allows to send pictures and videos disappear after recipients have viewed them. To do this, open the camera in Instagram, snap a photo or record a video, and press the arrow icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. From there, you will be able to choose friends who will receive temporary photo or video. You can only send this type of writing for Instagram members who follow you or choose to receive a personal message from you.

4) Save pictures and videos to view it Later

If you are the type of people using Instagram to ideas about fashion, home decor, travel or other interest, you may want to save the photo to see it during leisure. To do that, press the bookmark icons located below the photo on the right side. Once saved, the photo will appear on the tab on your profile, but only you can see them.

5) turn off comments for each post

Instagram recently gives users more control on their post by allowing it to turn off comments to individual images and videos. Only by selecting on the post that you want to disable comments, press three points shown in the above photo or video, and select the "turn to comment on."
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