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Out Of The Group Unnoticed WhatsApp User

Message group feature has become the very thing that is normal especially when family, friends and colleagues would like to keep in touch. Through these groups, members can share photos, music and files and also a message. At the time of notification of this group often can be a nuisance. Pemberutahuan in a group is also a source of disturbance especially when you want to do something and someone send something, your concentration will surely be disturbed.

Most of these groups becomes important for someone to leave them without informing the members of the group that had left the group. Whatsapp has been designed in a way in which if you are a family of group of other group members, WhatsApp will receive a notification that Your families from the group. This mostly affects is not good for the family group and felt guilty for entry to the group who invited him.

How To Get Out Of The Group Unnoticed Whatsapp User

How To Get Out Of The Group Unnoticed Whatsapp User

Let's look at some of the methods we can apply a way out of the group unnoticed people, WhatsApp so that we are not too much bothered by the notification group.

Before continue reading maybe you wanna read to another whatsapp tips anda trik:

1. Disable notification group

This is one method where you won't get notifications from the activities of the group and the other group members will not come to know. To disable notifications, you must go to the settings screen and notifications Whatsapp, go to the notification group and turn off the warning. You can enable a warning every time you want to get notifications.

In addition, you can also choose to disable notifications not getting notifications for most messages. You can click on the left side of the corner points in the group and selecting mute WhatsApp.

2. bulk delete images and video together in a group

When you have joined the group WhatsApp, lots of pictures, audio video & together and you don't want to waste the memory usage of your mobile holds it all. To remove all the files from your mobile phone, click on the group information screen and view the file. This will display all the files together in a group, click on the file and choose file, the header above will require the option of deleting, deleting unwanted files and click on the confirmation message.

3. using additional applications

You can install third-party applications, groupXit and left the group without any know WhatsApp. But this app is only useful for users of Android.

That's the discussion this time about how to get out of the group WhatsApp unnoticed person in the group, may be useful for you.
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