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Here's How to Repost a Video on Instagram Easily

Same article with Here's how to Repost Photos On Instagram Easily But this time tell about Vide on instagram. Instagram is one of the major social network that does not have the features of a repost. Meanwhile, both Facebook and LinkedIn have "Share," Twitter has "Retweet," Pinterest has "Repin," Tumblr has the "Reblog," Google + has a "Share" and the Vine have "Revine." You really just encouraged to take your own photos, shooting your own videos and share your own content on Instagram. But given the fact that some of the best content are likely to be viral when it was together again and again by many people, it's not all that surprising to see so many people take advantage of certain third-party applications that let them repost other user photos or videos to profile Instagram themselves.

Here's How to Repost a Video on Instagram Easily

Repost a Video on Instagram Easily

Many users have been using Instagram take a screenshot of the photos posted by others, they can upload their own profile to Instagram, which is one way to do it. But it's not often solves the problem of giving credit to the original owner. Likewise, you can repost the video on instagram by taking a screenshot of it!

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In this tutorial, I will show you how easy it is to start with one of the best third-party app Instagram reposting available. I will use a Repost for Instagram because it's very popular and have great rankings. It's also available for free for both the iPhone and Android devices.

Sign in to Repost for Instagram

After downloading a Repost for Instagram for Your iPhone or Android device, you can open it and use it to sign in to Your account with Instagram. You must have an existing account with Instagram for using this application.

What's great about this is that Repost application there is so much you can do with it. Once you sign in using your account your Instagram brought to Your home tab, where you can begin searching for content for repost.

Here are brief details of what you'll find.

  • Feed: the most recent photographs distributed from users you follow.
  • Media: the most recent Video together from the users you follow.
  • Likes: your writing is just like (by pressing the heart).
  • Favorites: when you browse the posts through the application of a Repost, you can press the three dots in the upper right corner of the post and press "add to Favorites" to save those under this tab.

The main menu which is found at the very bottom of the screen has three tabs common you can browse through: their own profiles (or home tab) you, what's currently popular on Instagram, and search tabs.
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